Can I Get Adult Braces?

Can I Get Adult Braces

Everyone wants that world-class smile. We see it in movies and admire it in ads. Of course, not every one has it. And this can be a real problem for people’s self-confidence. Perhaps that is why now, more than ever, adults are reaching out to see what might work for them.

If adults are considering this next step, then they’ve probably mulled over the benefits of getting braces. Yet most only focus on the aesthetic benefits. Patients don’t always realize that getting adult braces can be a necessity. As you age, crooked or misaligned teeth can cause countless problems. From gum disease to tooth decay, there is a clear relationship between a bad bite and these disorders.

Orthodontics is the only way to treat improper bites and crooked teeth. This often comes through the use of external devices, such as braces or clear aligners. Today, adults have their pick of unobtrusive aligners and even ceramic braces that blend in with the natural color of teeth. The most important thing is to address the issue as soon as possible.

Overcrowded teeth or jaw joint disorders can lead to a series of issues. You can have earaches, headaches, and even problems chewing. From there, gum and bone erosion can form. This can also cause irregular wear of enamel. All of this can end in the complete removal of a tooth or set of teeth. These issues obviously go far beyond a person’s vanity. This can affect their very livelihoods.

That being said, adult teeth don’t move as easily or painlessly as kids’ teeth. It might take some time to adjust to eating and speaking. Over-the-counter drugs should take care of any persistent discomfort. Diligent oral hygiene will be imperative if you get braces, as it is the only way to avoid unwanted stains. Either way, adult braces are a great way to get your smile back on track.

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