How Do I Get Invisalign

How Do I Get Invisalign Every teenager in the world would rather get a clear, plastic aligner then braces. It’s a pain having to go through the rigors of wearing traditional metal braces. Orthodontists probably hear it each and every day. Although not every patient is a candidate, it’s important to know how to access different forms of treatment. Plenty of people want it, but aren’t sure if they can get Invisalign.

This resin-based aligner allows patients to straighten their teeth without having to take on an embarrassing look. Everyone is sensitive; even more so when it comes to the metal brackets and wires of braces.

Finding out is as easy as getting online and locating an Invisalign orthodontist in your area. One consultation will prove whether your conditions are suited for clear aligners. First and foremost, a patient must have healthy gums and teeth. This is the only way to support the friction that comes with Invisalign. Your teeth can’t be too crooked or spread apart. Invisalign is perfect for small adjustments and the repositioning of teeth. If there are serious issues with the alignment of the jaw, then this is not the right way to go.

Another thing to keep an eye on is how bad your bite is. It’s one thing to have a small underbite or poor alignment. But if an open bite or crossbite is too prevalent, then more serious measures will have to be taken. Invisalign simply doesn’t have the strength to torque teeth and create a large impact.

They are custom made for each, individual patient and every couple weeks they’ll be replaced with new ones. This will help tighten your smile and ensure that teeth are shifting in the correct manner. Getting Invisalign is easy. Just contact an orthodontist and see if they feel that treatment is right for you.

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