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Orthodontics is a branch of specialized dentistry dedicated to correcting the misalignment of teeth. If you wish to improve the positioning of your teeth, as well as your bite, our dentist will likely refer you to receive orthodontic treatment.
Orthodontics will benefit your overall health in numerous ways and give you the confidence associated with beautifully straight teeth. Certain issues addressed through orthodontic treatment include:

  • Speech problems
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Jaw growth problems
  • Crowded teeth
  • Overlapped teeth
  • Dental decay due to crowding
  • Low self-esteem

Orthodontic treatment works by exerting tension and slight pressure on the teeth to reposition them, as well as the surrounding gums and blood vessels. The aveolar bone, or the ridge of bone that holds the tooth in its socket, is reformed over time to account for the new positioning. Simply put, our orthodontist will apply braces to your teeth that will slowly shift them into proper placement.
There are innovative methods of orthodontics available to patients of all ages looking to improve their teeth.


For self-conscious patients, our Torrance orthodontist offers discreet treatment, such as Invisalign, which uses clear aligner trays that can be removed prior to eating. Other options available are lingual braces that rest on the back of your teeth. With discreet methods of orthodontics, patients receive highly effective results without peers or co-workers being able to tell they have braces.

Traditional methods available include metal braces, which are even more effective than they used to be. Orthodontic options, such as Damon braces, have self-ligating wires and do not require rubber elastics. These advancements have made metal braces more comfortable and effective, requiring less frequent trips to the orthodontist.

To receive optimum results from your treatment, our Torrance orthodontist recommends maintaining excellent dental hygiene. It is important to brush twice daily and floss daily. For patients with Invisalign, it is imperative to brush and floss prior to inserting aligner trays. Metal braces often require close attention when it comes to flossing between the brackets. Patients who keep up with orthodontic appointments and regular dental cleanings are well on their way to beautiful results.

Most patients are finished with orthodontic treatment in approximately 12-36 months and are required to wear a retainer after their braces are removed. Once your teeth are straightened, it is important to protect your investment by wearing your retainer as recommended by our orthodontist. An orthodontic retainer will maintain your gorgeous smile and insure that your teeth will not shift to their former positioning.

Having perfectly aligned teeth will positively impact your dental health by protecting you from cavities and dental decay. Likewise, an aligned smile will give you the confidence you desire and may even improve your speech. If you feel you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, call our office to schedule a consultation.

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Happy thoughts from Torrance Family Orthodontics patients

Dr. Mondavi

“Dr. Mondavi has put the confidence back into my smile! I used to have teeth that were all over the place, but thanks to my new Invisalign braces, I have a redefined smile that my friends can’t stop complimenting on. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the quality service Dr. Mondavi has provided me.

- Nate M.

Dr. Mondavi

“My teeth always looked bad because of my eating habits. I had a demanding sweet tooth and my dental hygiene was subpar. I was fortunate to have met with Dr. Mondavi because I would not have found a better professional. He delivered great comfort to my situation and placed my concerns high among his priorities.  As soon as I saw my new smile, I was stoked! Thanks to Dr. Mondavi, I wiped away years of bad eating habits and can show off a picture-perfect smile.”

- Francis L.

“I envied most of my friends who had amazing smiles while I was left to settle with uglier teeth. After graduating from college, I wanted to start out with a brand new smile. Dr. Mondavi was the first doctor I came across and I will definitely be seeing him again in the future.  His services were phenomenal and I was glad to have invested my trust in him.  Now that I have an incredible smile, I feel more confident going to family events and gatherings. If I run into future problems, Dr. Mondavi will be the doctor I go to.”

- Lisette G.


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