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Torrance Family Orthodontics offers flexible options in managing your financial obligations.  We are committed to ensuring you have plenty of routes to receive high quality care.  No financial obstacles should derail you from achieving a healthy smile.  We consider the many financial needs that our patients have.

People do not always obtain recommended dental care because of the high costs involved. We are fully aware of that fact and make sure our treatments are as affordable as possible.  Our payment systems are designed in a manner that will leave people with bright smiles and less financial headaches.

We accept a variety of payment options such as Citi Health Card, Chase Health, and Care credit.  With these services, we offer no interest or extended payment plans, no up-front costs, and no pre-payment penalty fees.  In addition, we will also offer PayPal payment options in the future. Obtaining a beautiful smile shouldn’t be question of finance, so call our office to see all the plans we have available and we’ll be sure to help you with any concerns.

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Happy thoughts from Torrance Family Orthodontics patients

Dr. Mondavi

“Dr. Mondavi has put the confidence back into my smile! I used to have teeth that were all over the place, but thanks to my new Invisalign braces, I have a redefined smile that my friends can’t stop complimenting on. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the quality service Dr. Mondavi has provided me.

- Nate M.

Dr. Mondavi

“My teeth always looked bad because of my eating habits. I had a demanding sweet tooth and my dental hygiene was subpar. I was fortunate to have met with Dr. Mondavi because I would not have found a better professional. He delivered great comfort to my situation and placed my concerns high among his priorities.  As soon as I saw my new smile, I was stoked! Thanks to Dr. Mondavi, I wiped away years of bad eating habits and can show off a picture-perfect smile.”

- Francis L.

“I envied most of my friends who had amazing smiles while I was left to settle with uglier teeth. After graduating from college, I wanted to start out with a brand new smile. Dr. Mondavi was the first doctor I came across and I will definitely be seeing him again in the future.  His services were phenomenal and I was glad to have invested my trust in him.  Now that I have an incredible smile, I feel more confident going to family events and gatherings. If I run into future problems, Dr. Mondavi will be the doctor I go to.”

- Lisette G.


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